Drop us a mail at contact@ronix.ro and we will send you details on the interconnection procedure. Alternatively, we are waiting for you at the Association headquarters, here. You can get connected just for testing purposes, as well.

Why RoNIX? Because it is the Internet eXchange node having the largest coverage by far – in Romania. Once connected to RoNIX you will exchange more local traffic than in any other IX and you will have the shortest route to most users in Romania. Moreover, RoNIX is the first Romanian IX and the most representative; also it is a non-profit project, operated by the community. If you join the Association (optionally) you become RoNIX “owner”, too (having voting rights). Thus, we contribute together to the development of Internet-based applications.

Interconnecting in our IX brings the following benefits:

  • higher bandwidth available through upstream international connections;
  • high bandwidth (up to 100 Gbps) for local traffic through RoNIX;
  • low bandwidth costs;
  • low maintenance costs (an one-to-many peering is simple to install and manage compared to a multitude of one-to-one peerings);
  • round trip time much smaller;
  • round trip time more stable (low jitter);
  • higher service availability (due to connections redundancy), facilitating customer retention;
  • easy adding new coverage areas & getting new customers;
  • increased security (the minimum number of vulnerabilities is on the shortest interconnection path);
  • helps members build a solid position in the competitive market.

Services available in RoNIX: Peering, Private VLAN.