Peering: the fundamental service in any Internet eXchange – the best way to change traffic with multiple networks by managing a single physical link.

Why an Internet Exchange?

  • get the best connections (minimum RTT, maximum bandwidth) with the lowest cost;
  • Manage a single physical link (one switch port, one fiber) to share traffic with multiple networks.

Why RoNIX?

  • It is a platform managed by the local community of telecom & online service providers. Anyone* can become a member of the community;
  • Maturity and stability: RoNIX precedes for many years any other IX platform in Romania;
  • Redundant infrastructure, presence in top datacenters;
  • Access to the world’s greatest online content providers (social networking / video streaming platforms) and to DNS root servers;
  • You can use the IX infrastructure for remote connectivity through dedicated VLANs.

*any provider of telecom services and / or online platforms, subject to meeting the criteria of the ANISP bylaws.

Watch here how much traffic is exchanged thru the Romanian IX!

Redundancy wanted? No problem! Multiple ports are available for connections, either in the same location or in different RoNIX PoPs. Setting a back-up port will maximize your network’s availability.